Unique compact scalable ATE products

Hello, we are ATEip.

But you probably knew that already : )

Company focus

Sales and introduction of unique compact scalable ATE products


35 years of experience

  • Start in 1980 as R&D Hardware Designer
    • Semiconductor Test
      • Peripheral design for Mainframe and ATE
      • Front end design for wafer and final test
    • Board Test for the Electronics Industry
      • In-Circuit Test
      • Functional Test
  • Product and Application Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Customer specific solution provider
  • Osai Automation Systems
  • CREA Test
  • Qmax Test Equipment Pvt. Ltd
  • elowerk GmbH & Co KG
  • ┬ÁTest
Client Testimonials
CitationInstant sales coverage on discretes static and dynamic test markets with strong customer relationship, network and background of ATE business fills our gap in sales and sales support. For a unique new product series like our MDT systems family, ATEip provides a solution to add sales power with no fix cost .
Mauro Serra, Project and Sales Manager CREA Test CREA Test